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A well prepared and informed transport team is a safe team. To assure that our transport Guides are well informed and prepared for each transport it is important that we have extensive and thorough background information on the Teen we are to transport. This information is important as we will be spending, in a majority of cases, many hours together and will be engaged in conversations, and gives our Guides needed information on what topics of conversation to either avoid or engage in with the teen during a transport.

This information will also assist the guides in understanding and evaluating what may trigger inappropriate behavior in the teen. The information will also be used to effectively observe for medical or emotional problems.

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Please provide any other information about your teen, their circumstance, or any information that you feel is important for us to know about so that we can conduct an informed and safe transport:

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"I just wanted to send a big thank your agents, especially Tracie, when they transported my daughter. She gave me a hug when she arrived and calmed my fears. She was so professional, so in control and yet so gentle and soothing. My nerves were so on edge beforehand, but the minute she arrived, I relaxed and knew all was well. She got my daughter comfortable and laughing before they even left. She called me twice during the trip to let me know how it was going and I just want to thank her with all my heart! She has truly saved the life of a promising young girl who otherwise would have not been able to get the help she is now getting. Thanks so much for her and God bless you all. "